Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Gavin Shrader (as you may have guessed from the imaginative URL of this site). I am a programmer, designer and writer. My technical skills include Swift, Python, Java, React-Native, ReactJS, UI/UX Design with Sketch, Javascript and Git. I am currently working as a freelance developer. I hope you enjoy my website! If you’d like to get started learning how to build iOS applications, head over to the “writing” section of this site!

Published Work


Infinite Islands

An iOS arcade game with handcrafted pixel art. This game has a working weather and day/night system.  The goal is to beat your highscore with fast reflexes and proper timing.



An iOS arcade game set in a pixel art universe. The goal of Stellar is to collect points and dodge enemy spaceships. 


iOS game development tutorial

I published an article on that works you through building an iOS game from scratch.

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I built a small project to implement a completely custom neuro-evolution algorithm. The goal: have a genetic algorithm create an optimal neural-network used to play the game of "Snake"

Machine Learning


A prototype app for visualizing a neural network with one hidden layer. 

Pocket Evolution


A faux-3D isometric based world creation game idea. I am not working on this project anymore but rather used it as a learning exercise.

video demo

Fractal Tree Creator


A prototype app I built to recursively create fractal trees using Swift 4 / SpriteKit.

Video Demo

More Projects


iOS Productivity Apps

A number of prototypes I created to push my design skills and create working iOS productivity apps.

Video Demo

Apple Watch Complication

A custom complication I created for my Apple watch to display the time/date. 


Swift 4.0 MVC communication tutorial

A article I wrote demonstrating some options for communicating between the Model-View-Controller architecture in Swift 4.

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